Author Topic: Vice City Dueling Championship Season 3  (Read 3011 times)

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Vice City Dueling Championship Season 3
« on: April 05, 2012, 12:49:39 »

(A few of you Ka's should remember the precursors to this event, I'm looking at you Killer & Strike and ofc VR)

Vice City Dueling Championship is an idea that was first devised by [VU]aXXo in 2009. Since then, we have had 2 successful tournaments with 40 competitors each and it is time for the third. For the first time, we are introducing a doubles tournament as well as a singles tournament. Anyone is free to join (aside from known hackers), there are no clan restrictions.

The Tournaments will contain the following stages:

Group stages (8 groups of players/teams)
Sweet Sixteen Stage (16 players/teams left)

To apply to the singles tournament go here. To apply for the doubles tournament go here. Players may fight in both tournaments.

After the applications have been closed, groups will be decided by matching players' timezones as closely as possible, so as to make organising matches easy.

Details about how each stage will work will be released in the relevant forum board. This will be an ongoing event, it will not be on a particular day. Matches can be fought at any time, on any server, as long as an admin is present.

For the rules click here. For the list of admins click here.

For an overview of the last two seasons, so you can know what to expect, click here.

Please join us on IRC, our channel is #VCDC on LUNet.

We are also looking for some people to administrate the event. If you are interested, please go here