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VC-MP 0.1a event!
« on: February 09, 2012, 19:32:49 »
Hello! :)

We'd like to invite everyone for 2nd VC-MP event. This time in 0.1a!
I encourage all VC-MP players, not only people who remember this game, released almost 7 years ago. It is really worth spending some time to see, how this game looked years ago and how many things have changed.

Event's plan:
- classic of 0.1d/a, bikers vs police,
- North vs South: gang fight, one team deffends thieir base, second attacks it and have to take Caddy from enemys base to their own,
- pushing down from roof,
- race,
If you have your suggestions/maps write it in this thread.
We don't have to play on all these maps. We will start from the most popular in 0.1d mode - bikers vs police, and what will be next depends on you. These are only suggestions what we can do.

Date: 3 of March (Saturday),
Time: 16:00 - UTC+1, 15:00 - UTC+0! You can check timezones here
Server: IP: - | Port: 5192
Special thanks for Gudio for hosting the server.

You can download VC-MP 0.1a from this thread.
Important! To play 0.1a you cannot install it to directory with 0.3 or any other VC-MP version! You will crash everytime. You have to install 0.1a on a clean installation of GTA VC - without any mods/VC-MP installed. The simplest way to do it is to copy GTA VC folder with VC-MP 0.3 installed - you will install 0.1d in this copied folder later. Next delete these files from this dir: vc-mp.exe, vcmpfnt.dat, vcmpfnt.png, from dir /data delete particle.cfn, VCMP.SCM, vcmp_d.dat, VCMP_PRT.CFG, vcmp_w.dat, dir vcmp_maps, from dir /mss vc-mp.flt, from dir /TXD ldvcmp0.txd. After deleting install VC-MP 0.1a there. Do it earlier, not in the event's day!

If you want to join us on IRC: #stare.dobre.vcmp on
Let know about this event other players. It'll be nice if server is full!  If you're taking part in this event just let me know on IRC/VC-MP/HA/LW forums.

P.S. If you are going to complain about this event, you'd better not write anything ;)

vc mp 0.1a client: