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Clan Members
« on: September 28, 2007, 12:39:27 »
Kuslahden alaste clan members (in order of joining)

-Clan leader and co-founder

[Ka]Zazzo (Honorary Member)
-Clan honorary member and co-founder

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 5th May, 2007

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 15th September, 2008

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 15th September, 2008

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 24th September, 2008

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 7th February, 2009

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 3rd March, 2010

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 6th March, 2010

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 23rd December, 2010

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 14th December, 2012

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 26th August, 2013

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 18th December, 2013

-Clan Senior Member
-Joined 28th July, 2016

-Clan Member
-Joined 29th June, 2017

TOTAL: 14 Members, 1 Honorary Member

Earlier members: Mick_sTer, colin, VodkAlipX, FoX, ?, Elastic_Man, Bubi, rAceR,, jAvieR, Ry5a, Windlord, Orpheus (15th September, 2008-28th July, 2016), Mistery (4th February, 2009-28th July, 2016), Mattz (28th February, 2010-28th July, 2016), StriKe (21st June, 2010-28th July, 2016), KilleR (21st June, 2010-28th July, 2016), Squida (3rd September, 2010-28th July, 2016)
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