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[Ka] Clan Server Info
« on: September 28, 2007, 12:36:15 »
[Ka] Clan Server 0.3z Info

Game: Vice City Multiplayer 0.3z
Map: Vice-City
Player slots: 12
Command script: Kuslahden alaste Command Script v2.0 (see all the commands here)
Gamemode: Team DM by Juppi


You can see the server rules while playing by typing "/c rules". The rules from the server:
Don't team or spawnkill, driveby, use cheats or trainers, insult others or kill racers in Arena
You must also obey the rules set by server admins.
You can report the rulebreakers using command "/c report <ID/Name> <Reason>".

     Server admins:

In [Ka] Clan Server there are many moderators, who have votekick rights for possible rulebreakers.
In addition, there are three main admins:


(Edit: updated admin profiles to new forum)
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