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VC:MP Server DM commands
« on: December 09, 2007, 00:23:59 »
These are the commands you can use while playing in Kuslahden alaste VC:MP server:

Nickname commands

/c register <password> - Register your nickname
/c login <password> - Log in to your nickname
/c logout - Log out from your nickname

Money commands

/c money <ID/name> - Shows players cash and money in bank account
/c give <ID/name> <amount> - Give money to another player
/c deposit <amount> - Deposit money to your bank account
/c withdraw <amount> - Withdraw money from your bank account

Vehicle commands

/c buycar - Buy a car you are inside
/c sellcar - Sell a car you are inside
/c mycars - Shows a list of your cars
/c car <player ID/name> - Shows an info of the car (name, owner, hp, price)
/c getcar <car ID> - Spawns a car you own

General commands

/c hp <ID/name> - Shows player's HP and armour
/c stats - <ID/name> - Shows player's statistics
/c warnings <ID/name> - Shows received warnings for a player
/c cd <1/2/3/4/5 sec> - Makes a countdown
/c location <ID/Name> - Player's current location
/c report <ID/name> <report> - Report a player to admins
/c vote - Vote while a votekick is running
/c bug <report> - Report a bug in the server

Info/help commands

/c commands - Shows a command list
/c help - Shows a short tutorial
/c rules - List of server rules
/c admins - Admins currently online
/c time - Full date and time
/c script - Info about the command script
/c claninfo - Info about Kuslahden alaste
/c server - Server info