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Applications + Application Format (READ ME FIRST!)
« on: September 28, 2007, 12:32:05 »
Applications for joining

Kuslahden alaste will now be back in GTA multiplayers with greater effort than any time earlier!

If you are interested in joining the clan, please post your information to this Recruitment center board. There are also info about the clan on recruitment forums, and you can also post there. However, to get a faster response, right place for your application is here.

Requirements for membership

There are few requirements for the membership. To become a member you need to match the conditions listed below:

* Respect other players online, be friendly and trustable
* In a clan you have to know how to play as a team player
* You have played clan game(s) long enough to get in
* You should know at least some of the clan members already (and they should know you)
* You will be an active player in-game and also in other clan business (forums for example)
* You don't use cheats or hacks of any kind, you respect server rules. Fair play is the most important thing!
* You don't have a conflict with any of the current clan members
* You are not a member of another clan already, or you are going to change clan
* Last but not least: don't take playing too seriously! :thumbup:

Application format

Please post the following info about you. Create a new topic for your application:

* Nickname: Your nickname in-game
* Games: The clan game(s) you play (LU? VC:MP? SA:MP? L4D? etc)
* Earlier clans: List of previous clans (maybe reason why you left them?)
* Age: How old are you?
* Country + Timezone: In what country do you live and what is the timezone there?
* Contact info: How can we contact you? Steam, e-mail, XFire? Most importantly, are you active on IRC? If so, what is your nickname?
* The reason I want to join the clan: Tell us shortly why you want to join Kuslahden alaste and why should we accept you
* Other: Other info about you?

For example:

Quote from: Example
Nickname: Tilester
Games: Both VC:MP and SA:MP
Earlier clans: [Clan], i left them coz i wanted to try something new
Age: 17
Country + Timezone: Finland, GMT+2
Contact info: MSN:, on IRC im known as Tilester and spending time on irc
The reason I want to join the clan: I know many of the members and we usually play together
Other: I can do some scripting ;)

After posting your application, the members of the clan will consider your request and contact you. If you match the conditions listed above, you are allowed join the clan and use the clan tag, [Ka]. If your application is denied, don't get disappointed. You can try to get to know the members better and try your luck again later :)

If you are not sure yet, feel free to ask current members of the clan about anything. More information can also be found from clan website.
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