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Clan History
« on: March 21, 2010, 01:30:50 »
10th AugustJuppi and Zazzo starts the clan in Jedi Knight II (JK2)

SpringFoX and Bubi join the clan.
Kuslahden alaste expands into VC:MP and other GTA multiplayer modifications.
5th MayH.M.Murdock joins the clan.
SummerColin and VodkAlipX joins the clan
JulyFoX changes nickname to Bubi.
Bubi changes nickname to FoX.
25th SeptemberrAceR joins the clan.
10th AugustKuslahden alaste's 1st Anniversary!
7th joins the clan.

WinterMick_sTer leaves the clan.
17th MarchH.M.Murdock appointed as clan co-leader.
25th MayWindlord joins the clan.
16th JuneKuslahden alaste expands to CS:S and HL2 mods.
Zazzo is appointed as the leader of the CS:S wing of the clan.
10th JulyWindlord appointed as clan co-leader.
17th JulyRy5a joins the clan.
5th AugustElastic_Man joins the clan.
10th AugustKuslahden alaste's 2nd Anniversary!
15th SeptemberSDT (Superior Driving Team) is closed and Kuslahden alaste accepts 3 of their members.
FoRcE, Orpheus and Twisted join the clan.
16th SeptemberDevelopment for the 2nd VC:MP clan server is started. It is named; "Project: [Ka] Server"
The project was cancelled soon afterwards.
24th SeptemberDeathkiss and jAvieR join the clan.

WinterFoRcE changes his nickname to Force.
4th FebruaryMistery joins the clan.
Force is appointed as a clan co-leader.
7th FebruaryDiavolo joins the clan.
28th MarchElastic_Man, FoX and ? are removed from the clan for being inactive.
10th AugustKuslahden alaste's 3rd Anniversary!
6th NovemberNew VC:MP clan server started. The server was named Kuslahden alaste TDM.
VC:MP Clan server is added to VC:MP's official servers list.

28th FebruaryMattz joins the clan.
3rd MarchVRocker joins the clan.
6th MarchAdTec_224 joins the clan.
21st MarchBubi, rAceR, and jAvieR are removed from the clan for being inactive.
8th AprilNew clan rules and regulations documented.
Clan reformation started to change the administration system to a semi-democratic structure.
25th AprilNew Senior Members assigned and new system started!
Zazzo becomes an honorary clan member.
21st JuneKilleR and StriKe join the clan.
10th AugustKuslahden alaste's 4th Anniversary!
Mattz, KilleR and StriKe are promoted to Senior Members
3rd SeptemberSquida joins the clan.
25th OctoberLiberty Unleashed is released.
6th DecemberSquida is promoted to become a Senior Member.
Ry5a is removed from the clan for being inactive.
23rd DecemberDevian joins the clan.

6th JuneDevian is promoted to become a Senior Member.
28th JulyWindlord leaves the clan.
10th AugustKuslahden alaste's 5th Anniversary!

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