Author Topic: [GENERAL] My frag grenade  (Read 2343 times)

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[GENERAL] My frag grenade
« on: October 09, 2007, 20:17:46 »
What do you think about this grenade?

ITS REAL! AND REALLY COOL!                      66%      [ 2 ]
Yeah! I think its real!                         0%        [ 0 ]
I dont know... it can be a fake... but it looks like real  0%         [ 0 ]
Dont belive you! thats a fake                    33%     [ 1 ]

Total Votes : 3

Quote from: Balli
Watch this! This is a real war frag grenade! And it is a real not a fake it cost ?15. Not really expensive. And I think its really cool! tell me what do you think by answering the poll.


Quote from: Juppi
I know its true coz u told me you bought it...  :biggrin:

And i have to admit: it really is cool (everyone doesn't have a real grenade :eek: )

(you can frighten Tommi with that.. :ahem: )

Quote from: Balli
Yeah! lol

Quote from: Bubi
i wish that i would have like it!!!! hahahahhahahahahahahaha :!:  :!:

Quote from: H.M.Murdock

Is it a finnish grenade? ^^

Quote from: Balli
Im not really sure about that.  :wink:

Quote from: Juppi
The fuze of that grenage is type M228, and from a grenade list of Wikipedia it seems to be some kind of modification of American practise grenade M69. Usually M69 doesn't have those 'fragments' on its surface.

Quote from: H.M.Murdock
How much it weight?