Author Topic: [GENERAL] where have you travelled and where do you want to travell?  (Read 2269 times)

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Quote from: Bubi
i have travelled only in sweden and then i wasnt even at school  :roll:
but i would want to travell almost everywhere!!  :mrgreen:

Quote from: FoX
i have travelled to sweden by boat. i would want to go to China, etc...

Quote from: Bubi
why doesnt anyone answer to my questions?!  :cry:
yeah, i know that they are a little bit stubid but i cant anything computer things.. :(

Quote from: Juppi
Quote from: Bubi
i cant anything computer things.. :(

How are ur computer skills  related to this  :doubt:

Well, anyway, i would like to visit Russia some day.

Quote from: Bubi

Quote from: kenta
oh please don't cry!!! :D i have traveled to norway, sweden, and estonia, and iwould like to trvel to russia as well. and to japan, and to america, and i would like to travel in europe... oh my gosh, i want to travel everywhwere! :D and yes, i know, i'm a bit crazy. n___n

"'i cant anything computer things..'
'How are ur computer skills related to this'"

and Juppi, stop bugin Bubi like that! i don't know about computer things either! :D haha, so if you have something to say, lets tell it to me, so i can little teach you! (just kidding... ^^ ) but we don't know about thease things, 'coz we don't use computer as much as you do... but we will learn... :D


Quote from: Juppi
Quote from: kenta
and Juppi, stop bugin Bubi like that!

Quote from: kenta
weeeeel... i think i heard some sarcasm about that what you said... but anyway, what was that reaction? :D