Author Topic: [GENERAL] My speciall country  (Read 2456 times)

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[GENERAL] My speciall country
« on: October 09, 2007, 19:58:22 »
Quote from: Bubi
What is speciall in your country?

Quote from: Bubi
i think that a sauna and finnish easter pudding are speciell in finland..
and the christmas father!!!!


Quote from: H.M.Murdock
Netherlands have also a sauna, germany, and belgium too..

Easter pudding? never hearth of it.

Christmas father???? Do you mean Santaclaus ? ;p

Quote from: Bubi
well, i meant Santa Claus but in Great Britannian Santa Claus is called by Father Christmas and in poetry he is called by St.Nick
(this all is in my dictionary..)  :wink:

Quote from: Bubi
this is finnish easter pudding

yeah, it looks VEEERY interesting but i like it!  :thumbup:

Quote from: H.M.Murdock

Looks not so nice ;p

Quote from: Balli
yeh it tastes like shit.........


Quote from: H.M.Murdock
Rofl ;P

I would too say that ^^ (it likes poop)

Quote from: kenta
yeah... it's pretty... interesting food, as bubi already said... actually it's dessert, and i don't think it's so good... :P but if you like it, go on... ^^