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« on: August 19, 2020, 10:14:45 »
* Nickname: BacK
* Games: VC:MP,
* Earlier: Nope
* Age: 16
* Country: pakistan: GMT+4
* Contact info: How can we contact you? I got Steam: _castagna (Castagna!), XFire: Castagna, Skype: (PM me), IRC overall: username: Castagna, channels: #extreme-addicts.echo. (I use to quit/join several channels such #miami-dade or #vc-mp)
* The reason I want to join the clan: Always wanted to join, mainly now that i'm looking for something different besides the other full-active and full-dedicated clans around VC:MP. Yeah, I wanna be lazy as with you all!
* Other: Whatever, I'm the founder of Extreme Addicts Server Community, VRocker's hosting costumer for 3 years (does it count? :P), VC:MP beta tester, managed several events such as , used to test , I was involved in server projects like WS (scripting and administrating), admin on LW..

And I have a big cake. I heard you like cake.