Author Topic: New co leader for the clan (from silence forum)  (Read 2224 times)

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New co leader for the clan (from silence forum)
« on: March 21, 2008, 22:04:30 »
New co leader for the clan

Quote from: Juppi
New co leader for the clan
by Juppi

As we are re-organizing the clan a bit, Zazzo and I have decided to promote [Ka]H.M.Murdock to Co. Leader of Kuslahden alaste. He will also be responsible for clan activities and members recruitment in VC:MP.

This is also a thank you for Murdock, who is one of the most dedicated members of the clan, and who has been with us almost from the beginning of the VC:MP era of our clan. Not to mention giving us some space for our website in the beginning, all the scripting help/ideas he has gave, his skills in-game etc.

So congratulations to Murdock!   

Quote from: [silence]dead
you made the right choice making Murdock a co-leader, he is respectfull and everything, good luck murdock  Smiley

Quote from: cola
oh is he nice? didn't know..
yhea he is kinda friendly...