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Recruitment Center / application [ username : GFr3AK ] [Denied]
« on: September 06, 2011, 22:30:01 »
Nickname: GFr3AK
Games: VC;MP , COD4 , CS 1.6 , Half Life , Black Ops
Earlier clans: [DZ] , left reason : they kicked me and than missed me
Age: 15
Country + Timezone: Romania , GMT(+02.00)
Contact info: MSN : MIRC : username : GFr3AK
The reason I want to join the clan:
1.I need a clan
2.not a random clan scripting - good rank clan
4.Know much members b/w much still hates me :P [Force]
5.Well that was all
6.I swear i wont : spam,stupid question,
7.I will respect all members and hope help them how much i can [ if it needs ]
8.Quote:"On the channel is more funny with Freak"
9.I wont break the rules
Thanks that you read this topic , your effort will not be in vain

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